Co∆Re Zine x Crave More Bk Collab

Co∆Re aims to simply build a community for QTPOC that has the mutual passion for skill-sharing and fighting for the QTPOC community. Moving beyond paper through physical means, Co∆Re is looking to collaborate in creating a collective space, hosting events (art gatherings, sit-ins, protests, meetings, potlucks, sleepovers and all else in the sphere of community organizing and activism).

This community is where we hope to establish ourselves and through this, grow - expand - improve - and - revolutionize in collaboration with the efforts of CraveMoreBK

Caseena Karim #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

I went to see my grandma yesterday, to my surprise, she brought up the recent current events speaking about #altonsterling and #philandocastile and while she didn’t know the hashtags or politically correct terms, she could see that it was unjust, that it was murder. “Good people go into it trying to do something but the system brainwashes them, these cops have always been bad its just because we have phones now that we can see it” there is no excuse for why anyone should think what is going on is justified, its not a matter of miseducation, its the fact that people are fucking ignorant. My grandmother is an immigrant from Guyana, without social media, had never had the chance to graduate middle school and comes from a culture that has a very deep seeded racism towards black people, and yet she can grasp the SIMPLE concept that two innocent black men were murdered by police officers, that police brutality and racism are very much alive and well. The video evidence of a father getting shot while his daughter and girlfriend watches in the backseat is something that any moral person can see is wrong. A man getting shot when he is not a threat whatsoever is wrong. People are ignorant and thats it. Ignorant because they have either dehumanized black people to where they can see them dying on their Facebook timeline and comment about how all lives matter and blue lives matter when they’re really just saying that black lives don’t matter all while the gov wants us all to be so afraid of the law enforcement to where they have all the power and we stand cowering, but when we come together we are not the minority, they are. This is not my struggle and not my experience because i will never know how fucking hard it is to be a black person living in this country, but I am here to fight and support and educate myself further because this is senseless, ruthless and unjust. #blacklivesmatter

Crave Collective

We are looking for new artists/activists/designers, anyone who wants to strive for QPOC excellence, to join our community. We are in a transition period and we're looking for people to help build an art collective, rather than focusing on business we want to focus on creating, and making a safe space for QPOC to expand and collaborate. Shoots, projects, podcasts, protests, as a group we can find the answers to the problems we face when we're alone. And if you ever feel like you need a helping hand with a creative project or just another person to talk to the problems we all struggle with as QPOC don't hesitate to hit us up:


Caseena Karim: On the Orlando Shooting

I am a Muslim woman and I am scared. The shooting in Orlando did not happen because of Islam. Islam, the way it was taught to me by my father, preaches nonviolence and tolerance. As a QWOC, hearing that 50+ people just like me, went out to a place, probably one of the only spaces where they felt safe, and were murdered, has left me with no words, just fear. I am expected to choose a side, between Islam and my sexuality, yet this country will continue to stigmatize me for BOTH, not just one. Both of these things can cost me my life in this country.

America, where death can be justified because of sexual orientation. America, where white men who commit crimes can be isolated as extremists from the population while poc counterparts can be labeled as terrorists. America, where the # of mass shootings exceeds the # of days passed in 2016 and gun control is still being debated.
America is homophobic, islamophobic, and racist and I have never been so fucking scared for my future and the future of so many people just like me who can't sleep at night knowing there is so much hate. I will continue to fight until the day I die for poc/qpoc rights, esp my other qpoc who practice Islam because even in safe spaces we are not safe.

Alex and Hakeem's Shoot

Alex Brown: Brooklyn Based Poet, POC, performs spoken word for Crave speaking out against POC issues and her experience as a POC. 

Hakeem Figaro: Brooklyn Based Poet,  performs spoken word for Crave speaking out against POC issues and his experience as a POC. 

As a couple both performers have experienced struggling as a POC couple and individually, and how they want to combat that through their artwork. 


In the next few weeks Crave will be introducing new socially conscious designs focusing on issues affecting LGBT youth and people of color. We want to work towards creating a positive and safe space for queer artists of color to express themselves. We wish to see accurate and empowering representations of people like us in the media we consume. The new designs will be available soon, so keep an eye out. Contact us on any of our social media accounts or at if you’d like more information.