Crave More BK is the work of Cy-Fi, and their collaborations between other QTPOC artists. From police brutality and hate crimes to underrepresentation and misrepresentation in media, Queer and Trans People of Color are subversively pushed to the outskirts of society and find themselves feeling isolated and silenced. At Crave More Brooklyn, you are not alone.  At Crave More Brooklyn, we invite QTPOC + NYC Native creatives to share their work on our website, collaborate with each other on projects, and welcome the opportunity for aspiring artists to learn from each other’s work.

Our recent project: Spi(Cy-Fi)lms  has been our priority: creating spaces for QTPOC to learn about media representation that is representative of dynamic QTPOC narratives, expanding definitions of film and 4D media, creating solidarity in physical and online environments. Past projects include a QTPOC zine (Co^Re), t-shirts, photoshoots, illustrations, videos, and conversations between CY-FI and other QTPOC looking to create solidarity.