Caseena Karim #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

I went to see my grandma yesterday, to my surprise, she brought up the recent current events speaking about #altonsterling and #philandocastile and while she didn’t know the hashtags or politically correct terms, she could see that it was unjust, that it was murder. “Good people go into it trying to do something but the system brainwashes them, these cops have always been bad its just because we have phones now that we can see it” there is no excuse for why anyone should think what is going on is justified, its not a matter of miseducation, its the fact that people are fucking ignorant. My grandmother is an immigrant from Guyana, without social media, had never had the chance to graduate middle school and comes from a culture that has a very deep seeded racism towards black people, and yet she can grasp the SIMPLE concept that two innocent black men were murdered by police officers, that police brutality and racism are very much alive and well. The video evidence of a father getting shot while his daughter and girlfriend watches in the backseat is something that any moral person can see is wrong. A man getting shot when he is not a threat whatsoever is wrong. People are ignorant and thats it. Ignorant because they have either dehumanized black people to where they can see them dying on their Facebook timeline and comment about how all lives matter and blue lives matter when they’re really just saying that black lives don’t matter all while the gov wants us all to be so afraid of the law enforcement to where they have all the power and we stand cowering, but when we come together we are not the minority, they are. This is not my struggle and not my experience because i will never know how fucking hard it is to be a black person living in this country, but I am here to fight and support and educate myself further because this is senseless, ruthless and unjust. #blacklivesmatter